Trt and ed. Anyone tried it?

I recently had blood work done, and my testosterone levels are fine. That makes no sense to me because my sex drive is non existent.
I’m wondering if testosterone injections would help solve the problem and if anyone here has tried that at all?
For me ed has just gotten gradually worse throughout the years. But I’m at the point now of pulling my hair out. I’m only 35

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I’m 53 and I started TRT a year ago. My levels were low but “still within range.” Thankfully the online clinic I use is a bit of a testosterone mill so I still got a Rx and now I’m high in the range. It has been wonderful. Positive changes through my entire life and I’ll never go back. Erections did get better and libido increased but it didn’t solve everything. Mojo as a complementary modality has been great for increasing my performance and enjoyment of sex.

Given your age, though, I’d be careful about the TRT decision. Once you start you’re on it for life because your natural production shuts down. If you decide to come off it, the process is unpleasant and you will feel like crap for months - you’ll need a doctor to prescribe appropriate meds to kick start natural production again and it takes a while for that to ramp up.

So choose carefully. I’d recommend making sure everything else is dialled in first: diet, exercise, weight, sleep. But then I’m no doctor. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response and I agree. Trt is a last resort for me, but my natural test levels are high so it doesn’t explain my lack on libido or ed issues…

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How long have you been doing the Mojo program?

I was sceptical when I started - while I am big on meditation, mindfulness, and handling negative thoughts in other areas of my life, for some reason I felt it was kind of mumbo-jumbo for treating ED. Fast forward to today after intentionally following the program (and similar other exercises from books I’ve read), I have reached Phase 9 and I’m flabbergasted at just how much payback those techniques gave me. I’m easily 60% better than I was before I started. I understand my body and my thoughts so much more. Perfect? Not at all. But man I’m glad I followed the exercises religiously! I have accessed so much pleasure I never knew was there.

Good luck brother.

If you don’t mind me asking what is your total test and estradiol levels. Before starting TRT I was still in the “normal” range but low normal as I was just above 300 I believe. Started TRT 8 months ago and it has definitely helped with libido and having morning wood. I’ve been to 3 different doctors now for various things and each and every one of them has said my test levels are too high and all the cons as to why I shouldn’t be on it etc. I’ll never, never go back to having a low/low normal test level. My suggestion is if you have lower than optimal testosterone levels, get on with an actual TRT doctor and just a PCP.

My test result came back at 21.3nmol/litre
My OESTRADIOL was 114pmol/litre
I’ve attached a pic of my results. It’s in the upper middle range. It’s no where near low enough to qualify for trt in the Uk. Fertility looks good also. I’d be weary of starting trt anyway as wouldn’t want to compromise my fertility so a bit of a catch 22 situation.
But if I knew it was going to keep me hard I’d really consider it.

I am 50 and was tested for everything after covid complications. My testosterone levels were at 6nmol/l , about on par with an 80 year old. My libido was non existent and beginning to cause issues in my marriage. NHS wouldnt do anything as apparently i was within normal range albeit at the bottom end. I went private, the specialist is very helpful and prescribed TRT immediately and praised me for bring able to open up and seek the help a lot of men dont. Now been 6 months, things are slowly improving, but the extra testosterone wont make you perform like a porn star, it is quite a subtle change that takes time. I still struggle with ED and massive performance anxiety, never reach climax. I have found talking to my wife honestly has helped and hoping Mojo can help me find a solution to dealing with the self sabotage and the ingrained attitude in my age group that real men dont talk about emotions.

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What was your experience going private? Was it expensive?

£150 initial consultation, £100 each for a couple of follow ups at 6 weeks 3 months and 6 months, then its an annual appointment and blood tests. I got my NHS GP to refer me to an endocrinologist at the Nuffield, who then referred me back to my GP so i get medication at NHS prescription costs. You basically just need to tell your GP thats what you want. Its still a bit of a cost, but worth it in the long run for both sexual and physical health if your levels are low.

That sounds cheap, who did you use? I’ve got a quote from a clinic for £525 for initial bloods assessment then a further £300 for a 30 minute zoom call!

I went through the local nuffield hospital after being referred by my GP to a private endocrinologist (at my insistence). I had already done a private testosterone test through a company called Optimale which cost about £80 i think.

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I actually asked to go on testosterone replacement therapy, after it was determined that my levels were low, specifically to refuel my sex drive. I am 47, and I’m not ready for my drive to start ebbing for any reason. I don’t know that I have noticed a significant difference yet though, even after a few months.I’m sure that my issue is compound and more than just hormone related though.

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