TRT not working for me

Im 41 and three months ago I started TRT since my blood tests showed a low T level both total, free and bio.

I was given injections and made a few blood tests aince then but my T levels are not improving in fact are abkut the same or a bit lower than when I started.

Anyone has started TRT? How was your experience? Did you notice any improvements in your T levels and general sex drive / libido?

I need to check again with my doctor on alternatives and a plan of action, but i wanted to know other experiences on TRT

I tried a different medication thru Maximus (online) and it’s been working pretty well for me!

What were your T levels? I’m over 50 and in 400s which I read is normal, but the clinic is saying I should be 800s

My T levels prior starting TRT were:
Total T: 4.45ng/ml
Free: 107.4pg/ml
Bio: 180.1ng/dl

After three months of TRT:
Total: 2.5ng/ml
Free: 59.4pg/ml
Bio: 1.37ng/ml