Erection and infidelity

Long story short: I cheated on my wife. The best loving supporting person I’ve known, the love of my life. Whom I’m unfortunately less and less attracted to sexually and who has a low libido herself. Have been on and off on Mojo, not super active, as I thought my psycho ED actually doesn’t exist, things generally work, just life is sometimes difficult :slight_smile:

It was a one night stand with a hot girl, way hotter than my wife, and … no erection at all. She was super understanding, very active and even made me come twice w/o getting hard.

I feel I’ve just morally destroyed myself, particularly because I worry more about the ED than the cheating, which makes me feel even worse, like becoming a worse person and not having remorse

Oh, and I had flu for three days, and was weak afterwards - this could well be a huge factor too - but now who knows.

Was a very stupid idea to do this, double stupid when you are not sure you are feeling well.

Just venting here. Maybe someone was in a similar situation.

Hey, I’m in the same boat. Have also made stupid decisions cheating on my ex partner and couldn’t get hard. But now that I’ve sorted the cheating behaviour with a psychologist, my ED issues have transferred over into my non-cheating life. The more it happens the more confidence you lose. But we’ll give this a go and see if it works hey!

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Thanks for your story @persistent. Do you think the cause of the failure is the fact of cheating itself and the related anxiety? Or is it just random?