Embarasing moment with new girl

I broke up with my girlfriend a 2 weeks ago, after that I aproached a cute girl irl. We had 2 dates already and the second one was great, we were on a walk holding hand, kissing. We made a meal together, we watched a film and then we started to make out. I knew where this was going and I was excited. We got to the bedroom and we were naked when she asked If i have condom, I had it in my car so I needed to go in it. I ran into my car in just shorts naked. Maybe I got into the fight or flight mode because I could not get and erection after that, I felt super embaressed. She told me It is not my fault and we went to sleep, I could not sleep because I was still thinkijg about it. Next day we were just kissing ext. I was not even in mood for sex. I joined this program to help me, because I think it is just mental. Sorry for my english probably is not perfect. Thank you for some tips or supportโ€‹:writing_hand:t2::handshake:t2:

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Something similar to this also happend with me last friday, we were about to fuck on our second date we had our clothes off and everything but the the told me she was not confortable and the we stopped but after a while of making out she wanted and was all ok. But when it was time for the second round I just lost my erection and said i had something on my nose that didnโ€™t let me breathe


Oh brother, very similar. I felt like shit idk why, like she wanted it bad and me too, but the thing with the condom got me out of the mood. Ima see her this sunday and I will finish what I started. I wish you luck with that girl and stay strong brother, you got this!