ED only with girls I have serious feelings for

I don’t know if anyone else has this, but i struggle sexually only with girls I have feelings for and would want a serious relationship with. If it is a one night stand kind of situation, I don’t struggle. Incredibly annoying


I’ve found that because there’s more at stake then there’s more pressure to perform, so yeah

Yeah I understand that. You like her, it means more so you want to get it right which adds pressure. Has happened to me. The girl should take it as a compliment hahah. But take the pressure off yourself. If she is as great as you think, she will understand

Totally understandable, that’s performance anxiety. Most of the times I get nervous before or during sex, firstly, acknowledging that she is attractive and that you have feelings for her will get you slightly aroused. I always try to shut off my brain and only go with the feeling for during.