ED only with attractive girls that I want to impress. Great sex with other girls

Is anyone else in the same situation as me?

Psychological ED driven by performance anxiety (?) that only occurs with conventionally attractive girls that mean something to me (have high value to me? trying to impress?). But with girls that are less conventionally attractive, and mean less to me, I have rock hard erections and have great sex multiple times every time we meet.

Is this something to do with pressure to perform? Fear of failure? Putting girls on a pedestal? or something else?

My experience is the exact same and has been for as long as I can remember…And unfortunately I think it’s led me to an unhealthy relationship with sex where I pretty much only pursue girls that I subconsciously think are “low-stakes” enough that my erection will actually work. That’s led to years without a real connection with a girl.

Not much I can offer in terms of solutions as it’s something I’m trying to figure out too… but in an effort to combat this issue, I’ve recently decided to avoid the “low-stakes” girls and strictly pursue a relationship… I’ve recently started seeing someone and the problem has persisted, but I was honest about the issue up front…

Not sure if this will solve it, but I felt like the longer I stick with the “low-stakes” girls approach, the more I’m just kicking the can down the road.

Best of luck man…

You probably have an unhealthy relationship with sex. The need to “impress” the attractive girls is one that I myself have had problems with. Things that worked for me was coming up with “special tricks” I could do to impress the girls in other ways, like with my hands or my mouth. Sex isn’t all about impressing the girl and even if that’s your goal, theres PLENTY of ways to impress them without just using your penis.