22 y/o problem with ED premature ej, sex in general

Hi there, I did not think I‘d use this opportunity but I feel like im not getting anywhere so I‘ll post here. Maybe it helps somone who feels equally and I would love if some of you guys could share ur thoughts or give any guidance :). Im 22 years old Ive had 2 relationships involving sex, the first one was perfect, my girl came only through penetration and didnt really like any clitoral stimulation, sex was great and I could go multiple rounds. Ive been around 16teen when it started. My second relationship was with 19teen years old, the girl I had sex with never had a boyfriend before so everything was new for her, we did not have sex often maybe about 2 times a month which was very weird for me who was used to having sex weekly with my first girl. At that time I begun to think I was doing something wrong , that she did not enjoy it and that I couldnt stimulate her the right way. One of my biggest turn ons is when the girl Im having sex with is showing pleasure. With her it felt weird and she didnt show much pleasure at all. I thought i was the problem. I started thinking about different things, if my dick was too small or if I didnt have the endurance and so on. She told me multiple times that none of that was the case but I couldnt wrap my head around it. The problem continued and after some time we broke up (not only because of that of course but it was an issue for me). Since then I did not have a girlfriend and when it came to sex I experienced that I couldnt get it hard when it came down to it (about 2 times). I did not have sex since then. I could have had sex with attracrive girls but somehow i was to shy and ducked away because I was afraid of not having an erection or cumming too early. Im very insecure about my skills which I never was before. Im even more insecure about my dick size even though its pretty much average and actually is fine. Yet I still cant get it out of my head when thinking about sex or masturbation, I really wanna get rid of that thought but I dont know how. I feel super immature at my age still tackling this problem and I think its one of the major issues why I am so insecure. It feels like its always a little voice coming up in my head saying :its not big enough to impress a woman or pleasure her, you need to be bigger. Aso. It sounds super stupid and I feel less of a man even talking about it. Meanwhile I didnt see anyone else talk about that which made me feel even worse.
I would wish to make experiences with girls to have have a good step-stone to build a foundation on so that these feelings blend out but somehow keep thinking about these issues mentioned above and so I dont get anywhere. Staying hard is never a problem when masturbating, it just happened about two times but I feel like its gonna stay that way.
If you read until here thank you for your time. I really needed to share this. Maybe there is somone with a similar experience. I know its a mental problem and I know I can get rid of it. I would just like to hear some of your stories or experiences with these kind of problems or this „way of thinking“. It would mean alot. Thank you very much and have a good day 🫶🏽

Hey man, I’m glad to have come across your story. We’ve had pretty similar experiences I think. I’m twenty years old and have been in two relationships. I’m currently single and at the lowest point I’ve ever been in terms of sexual confidence, meaning I’ve had so many bad experiences I’m honestly embarrassed to get it to a bed with a girl. I’m also very aware of my penis size, which I don’t care about in my last relationship. Things have gotten so bad that the last time I was with a girl, I found myself shaking when getting undressed. Anyways, thought I would reply to your post bc I found it relatable to tell you that you’re not alone.

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Hey man, thank you for your answer. Feels good to inow that there are people out there having similiar problems in my age, hope u can pull something positive from that too. A funny thing is that i was shaking too the last time it happened haha :sweat_smile:. What would be interesting for me now would be, why you think that u are not enough, or your penis is not big enough, do you have any reason to think that or an idea why that thought pops up in your head? Would be really interesting. Furthermore, do you think that you can solve this problem and did Mojo help you to achieve a goal bettering the situation? If you have any questions feel free to ask and only answer if you feel like it of course. Maybe we can both benefit from that :). Cheers