ED after circumcision

Was a Virgin. Got a girlfriend. Had anxiety related ED issues. Finally manage to get hard and go for it. 30 seconds in expericience pain and I am uncomfortable. Pull out and foreskin is stuck. Get circumcision to elevate this.
Finally recover enough to start doing things. ED problems again.

Is it possible that the circumcision could be contributing in a physical way to my ED?

I was able to perform one time however that got interrupted due to commitments and later that night I was completely unable to get close to performing again.


It sounds as though it was important to have the surgery and hopefully it will mean you can be pain free once it is all healed. Going through the Mojo program will help you gain confidence. I think if you can take things a bit slowly, get used to the new sensations with mindful masturbations and lots of lube. You will soon be feeling more confident about things and then be able to put what you have learnt into partnered sex. Good luck!

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I got circumcised later in life so have experienced sex and issues from both sides, it won’t be related to this, but sounds like the anxiety related ED from before and general pressure to perform? Stick with the app buddy, get your mind right and ready to enjoy! IMHO circumcised sex is best :ok_hand: