E.D. when receiving oral sex

Hi all, I suffer with situational E.D. specifically around oral sex. I just can’t seem to keep it up when a woman is going down on me! In the past I just put it down to the woman’s technique, but as I’ve gotten older I realise it’s more about me feeling vulnerable and exposed.

I’ve always had insecurities about my size (which is at the lower end of average) although I’ve never had a partner complain about it. However, when receiving oral I just am completely unable to get out of my own head and stay in the moment.

I do have E.D. problems elsewhere, but I find if I take more control with sex in general, then I am able to stay aroused more. However, this isn’t really possible when receiving oral.

Any tips out there on how to feel more comfortable please?

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Hey man, yeah, among all the ed issues, getting oral is kinda hard.
I’ve learnt a few things since I’ve subscribed to Mojo (and it’s personal but maybe it can help you):

  1. meditation and all the exercises (box breath, soft penis) helped me a lot
  2. getting oral I think is where my mind wanders a lot because I’m doing nothing, and the inner voice has all the space to get in. So, focusing on the pleasure (not on the penis) and touching yourself where you find pleasurable (I love my nipples) may help. Or touching the partner, saying things, asking things (if you enjoy verbal)
  3. I understood that being laid down, my erections are worse, don’t know why. If I sit or stand, I can feel the the arousal, erection and pleasure more

Don’t get too much in your head about size and everything. Your penis is yours and it’s unique and awesome no matter what!