Double Header! Just Like When We Started Dating

I have been experiencing ed issues for the past couple years. Things have been anxious with my wife and I switching jobs at different times, moving, and losing family members. The Ed issues weren’t consistent but enough that my wife was worried. Also, we really would like to have a child and that becomes much more difficult when you can’t keep a boner through the end.
Yesterday, however, I was really digging my wife’s new pjs and we were just sitting around when she notice I was getting hard and she mounted me. The moment was quick and I finished fast. There was a moment before intercourse that I was worried I’d lose it, but I focused on the moment and how she was making me feel physically. It did the trick.
I felt kinda bad after because she didn’t get off but we had a nice evening watch a stupid movie and drinking some wine. I was still digging her pjs when we retired and she gave me signals that it was her turn. Without thinking I got to it and had the best sex we’ve had in quite some time.
Now I know this was probably just a one off moment, I’ve only been at this app for a week, but I feel empowered and capable again. I plan to continue this process until I achieve 100 points so I can get back to the sexual powerhouse I once was when my wife and I started dating.