What? No pressure and we had great sex!

I’ve only been at this about a week. I just started dating a few weeks ago and always struggle initially with getting and keeping erections with a new unfamiliar partner. I’ve gotten sick of this issue. So I’ve started ED meds that weren’t working, I am getting my T tested and I started this app.
Well, it seems the app is pretty damned helpful because I was able to get out of my head and have really good erections and maintain them all night last night. And of course she loved it! It was difficult to explain to her at first but she’s been super understanding and patient and last night it was like the switch in my brain just flicked on! Not getting to cocky just yet, but this initial success is awesome!


I am happy for you brother, keep at it, I hope you get many of these!!

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What helped you in the moment? How did you prevent the vicious cycle of anxiety and ed that tends to bring a lot of shame during sex for many ppl?

Good work!!