Improvements 2 weeks in

Just wanted to report in that Mojo has had a significant impact on my ED issues :fire:
I have trouble staying hard, then once my erection is gone it feels impossible for it to return, so I can’t orgasm.

I still have a ways to go, but I’m able to enjoy sex a lot more and am way way better at dealing with anxious thoughts when they come up before or during sex.
Last time I had sex I was able to get an erection again after losing it while inside my partner. I stopped and just focused on sensations of touching and kissing, didnt engage with thoughts about erections, and ended up getting hard again!
It felt amazing and liked I’d slayed a demon :joy:

The morning after had sex, I was tired though a d when I lost my erection I decided to stop and not pressure my self to make something happen. Previously I would’ve been internally upset and tried to keep going. Helps having an extremely supportive partner.

Anyway! Just wanted to share my progress. I’m very inspired to keep going and grateful to have found this app.


Congrats man. This is super motivating to read. Thank you for sharing. I’m hoping to replicate your success!

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