Difficulty lasting

I’ve been dealing with PE for about two years now. I began feeling inadequate in life after experiencing combat and having difficulty processing those experiences. When i first met my wife, sex was great, and we both expressed interest in swinging and less common practices that i had always been curious about. As we spent more time together and opened up to each other more I started hearing that voice saying I wasn’t good enough. It grew to the point where I was timing myself to compare to other people. I became to afraid to actually swap partners because I thought she would realize she could do better. It put a lot of strain on our relationship and I almost cuased a breakup because of my inability to process emotions well.

Eventually I did get therapy for the PTS, but sexually I’ve still been hurting. I did work up the courage to do a full swap and it was amazing and very freeing, soke of the most enjoyable sex ive had with my wife or ever. Even after that, though, I still hear that voice saying I’m not good enough, especially when it’s just the two of us. I feel like when I perform it’s short lived and disappointing.

We are trying polyamory now, and it’s very freeing, but I still have this irrational fear that I’ll be disappointing to any woman I’m with. I get in my head and feel climax approaching and panic while trying to hold it off

Hey mate,
Firstly sorry to hear you have had those experiences in combat. Great that you have been able get therapy for the PTS and able to work through.

Regarding lasting longer. There are some great exercises on here that help you identify your “inner Critic” and how they get in you mind and affect PE and for some of us ED. A great program about finding your own coach to cheer you on and Pelvic floor exercises to help us develop the skills to hold off climax to last longer and enjoy the session longer.
Depends on how long you have been using Mojo but they come up later as you progress through. Really good content to work through.

Be kind to yourself mate. You’ve got this!