Delayed Ejaculation

Anyone have any advice around solving Delayed Ejaculation?

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Hey, we don’t currently have a course for this, but we will include your anonymous question in our Ask an Expert Live session on Wednesday 28 July at 6pm (BST). This session is run by Silva Neves, a world-renowned Psychosexual Therapist. You can find this session in your events .

We’ll also share the answer in this thread for you, in case you can’t make it on the day. Let us know how you getting on.

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Hi again,

As promised we have asked Silva Neves about how to solve delayed ejaculation, you can watch the clip here:

If you have any follow up questions, the next Ask an Expert Live is on Wednesday 4 August at 18:00 BST.

Hope to see you then!

Mojo Team

Great piece of information…I have a new partner who isn’t that “risky” in bed, she’s more vanilla, . She is new in my life and I dont know how to talk to her about how more kinky I am…any tips?
in the past I have also suffered from DE even with girls who were not as “vanilla”. I almost feel like I need more sensitivity down there. I almost wish for PE. to add to the difficulty I have ED and get soft right before penetration (it doesn’t happen all the time, but w this new girl it happens more often)…any tips?

Try a cock ring, it puts more pressure and makes it harder, has helped me feel more sensation and achieve climax more often than not. Still looking for that perfect solution ill keep trying, lucky to have a supportive and willing wife. Make sure you talk to your lady!!