Death grip syndrome

After being on here for a little bit, I feel my issue revolves around death grip syndrome. I’m not down too much or out of the moment and sort of in and out of full erections in the moment, but when I masterbate I have found that I struggle to get hard going nice and slow, sometimes getting frustrated, but if I go hard and fast I’ll get hard and really hard. I sort of get half erections at moments through the days, and when I masterbate slowly I just can’t quite get a full erection, and leads to me wanting to go hard and fast to satisfy it. Just wondering for people who have dealt with death grip syndrome and overcame it, what’s some tips you would give to help get through this and getting back to full erections. Keen to hear opinions on this matter


I’ve found death grip syndrome is really about having trained your brain and body to only think of orgasming in one way. Your brain knows how to get you off and is withholding the body sensations form you until it gets the expected results. You need to rewire the body and brain but that’s going to take some time.

Stop masturbating for at least two weeks, if not a month. Some people say six weeks but if you’re use to going at it more often this can be a challenge. The important thing is to slow down and give your body a break from touching yourself.

It might help to make a calendar for yourself and check off the days you don’t touch yourself. It will prove to yourself you’re accomplishing something daily even when it feels like you’re doing nothing. It’s tough but if you fail, you’ll have the calendar to show you how many days it was and then just try to beat the days between again.

When you do eventually masturbate again, you have to do it in a completely different way. Stand if you normally sit, sit if you normally do it lay down. Just whatever is different. Make sure to lube up too. Use a lot of lube even on the soft penis. Take your time and just don’t expect a climax. (Although the longer you wait the more likely it will happen).

If you want additional help, I’d recommend a flashlight like device so your hand is less in play. It does help with reducing grip issues and a more realistic feel. Would also say that if you mount it to use hand free you’ll be able to use your hips to thrust instead of your hands which will help train you better for the real thing.

Biggest thing is it takes time. You’re rewiring brain and muscle to enjoy different types of sensations to make you orgasm again. The body is extremely resilient and you can absolutely get back to a better state with it if you put in the time. Good luck!

I have found the solo sensate work here on mojo has helped transform by masturbation. I have discovered a number of areas on my body that gets my dick on the way - but it does take some effort to allow that to happen - you need to learn to let it progress and turn you on. It’s not quick so give yourself time to do this in a session.

The sensate work isn’t focused on masturbation - indeed it says not to initially. But you can apply the same focus to your jerk off when you do it. I’ve found it amazing - porn not required and intense cumming.