Death grip syndrome anyone?

Anyone else have the death grip? Where you got to grip and rip it to ejaculate?

Anyone else hold their breath while masturbating as well, making it impossible to replicate during sex?

Is there success for getting over this, besides refraining from masturbation?

Thanks for any help.


Hi mate,
I have suffered from this a bit. I used to masturbate as a release from stress and anxiety a lot often using porn, more of a chore that was a race to the finish. I was also on some medication that caused some ED and delayed ejeculation. I ended up grabbing tight and holding my breath and tensing up to get to the finish quick before I lost my hard on or lost the urge altogether.

Try the touch exercises, directed masturbation, sensate and boosting arousal meditations. Helped me get back in tune with my body and the sensations from different and lighter touch all over and on my genitals. I’m also learning to enjoy the process and how good it feels rather than race to the end to cum to feel good.

Hope this helps. Wish you the best mate.


My story is very similar to yours. On meds, using masturbation as anxiety relief. Glad to read your response and gives me hope for moving forward!

Wishing you all the best!


Just take you time and be kind to yourself and you will get there. Try some other things also to reduce stress and cortisol levels from fight or flight. I found lazy yoga and meditation/gratefulness help a lot too.

What arousal medications are you using?

I was previously on a SSRI for some anxiety and mild depression. It caused some ED and delayed ejeculation. It was a known side affect. I found some of these things lingering once I came off them. Hence why I am here and have found Mojo really helpful.

Yes I got to the death grip stage, at which point masturbation became painful and orgasms had no intensity. Best thing I can suggest is to avoid masturbation without having an erection first. Thats easier said than done but it’s starting to help in my case

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