Can’t ejaculate

I’ve got better at getting hard without a pill but I still can’t cum. Women have blown me to help but I still end up finishing myself. A few have said that they blame themselves but I tell them that it really is me. Any of you guys have any advice?

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I’ve been through the same situation. We gotta stay strong brother. We’ll get there.

I had this problem a couple of times man! I dis all the things on mojo and overcame this! Good luck man! Wish you all the best!

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Definitely had this too. Found this app got me out of my head and this stopped being a problem. Also other problem was death grip and over the top porn. When i quit masturbating this made a huge difference but definitely had low libido during the reboot

I’ve had this all my life, in my 40’s now and I cum maybe one in ten times. It’s horrendous and I often think why bother, there’s no point.