Daily exercises

Hello I am confused, for kegels for example. When it has like 3 or 4 dots next to that entry, does that mean you do kegels that many times in that day? Or are you supposed to only complete one circle. And then tomorrow another etc.


I think it’s just once that day

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My understanding is the dots are the amount of times you have to do said exercise to move onto the next phase. And you do all exercises once a day unless specifically mentioned in the explanation.

Why do I think this?
It says I have to do Sensate 3Γ— (3 dots). Sensate is a once-in-every-2-days exercise. This means the dots stand for the amount-of-times to move onto the next phase, not the amount of times per day.


For Kegals you hold for 10 seconds x how many dots you have x per day. After a week you get the re test to see how many more you can do to increase for the following week.
Think of each dot a a β€œrep” this builds strength in your pelvic floor muscles. Aim is to be able to do 10 x 10 second holds as you build ability.
Hope that helps.