Understanding excercises schedules

Im a bit confused with the interface of the app, for example in the excercises session for the day I see pelvic floor workout and it says “daily” followed by four circle marks that means that each day I must do the kegel excercises? Or just one of the four each days…

The same with sensate it has 3 circles, does it mean I need to do it 3 times per day for it to be completed?


Mojo has a set of exercises in a given “Phase”. Each Phase has different exercises (or repeats exercises from earlier phases). I think the dots represent the number of that exercise in the current phase. I think I had 8 dots for daily pelvic floor - so 8 pelvic floor sessions for this phase and recommendation is daily. So if you do a pelvic floor exercise on a day, a dot gets shaded to record your progress. The pelvic floor exercise for that day gets a tick and repeats the next day until you’ve done all 8 - then once all exercises for the phase are completed a new phase begins. I think that how it was working.

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Yep that’s exactly how it works. We’re also planning on removing this phases system in the coming month, just because we’ve heard from a few folks that it is confusing!

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Thank you, that helps a lot!