Cycling and erections

Do you think cycling has impacted your erections? Why do you think this happened? What has helped you get your erections back on track?

It definitely was the cause of my erection issues. I used to feel numb during cycles. I didn’t think that was an issue because it would go away after I got off.

I crushed blood vessels in my perineum over the space of 8 weeks with a poorly fitted saddle. By the time I realised I couldn’t really get hard with partners or on my own.

It should have fixed itself in 6-12 weeks if I just left it alone but it got in my head and I struggled for nearly a year.

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Not that much of a cyclist, but that being said, I have had my fair share of cycling accidents where I have crashed the bike so this is a possibility I guess…

@angus-mojo How did you fix the physical issue while biking? I had never even considered it but now you gave me a new thing to be concerned about as I just recently started CX cycling and was glad to have found a new hobby that I enjoy… Until I read your post about this potentially making my already annoying issue even worse.

Will getting a proper bike fitting help? How do I prevent this from causing further issues from me? Thanks

Hey NGB,

Cycling is good for you and good for your health. But if it is causing discomfort or numbness definitely get a bike fitting and a saddle that is comfortable for you. You get special perineum saddles now too. They take some getting used to but they put all the weight on your sit bones and on either side of all your nerves and blood vessels.

I hope that helps and has alleviated some worries?

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I cycle 6k miles a year so it is definitely a possibility that cycling is a factor - I have tried various different seats with cutouts and am currently trying to vary sitting and standing - going to see a urologist in August so we will see what he thinks

Thanks for your reply. I just booked a bike fitting and looking at ordering an ISM PN 3.1 saddle which should apparently help for this. Hopefully both these things will prevent any issues.

Out of curiosity, did you end up getting a special saddle too? If so, which one did you get? Thanks again

I’ve been biking for over 25 years and have always been able to achieve erections without issue. Just in the last few months has not being able to maintain an erection been a problem. I’m with a new partner now. She’s great and I’m attracted to her on every level I can think of…but just haven’t been able to perform sexually the way I’d like. Anyway, I don’t think my erection issues are caused by riding - I think it’s a mental thing. Cycling is great for many of the risk factors (body weight, blood pressure, circulation etc. etc) and it seems a shame to give it up.

PS I have spent quite a bit of time trying to find a good saddle and my position is quite upright so I’m not putting excessive pressure on nerves and vessels anyway

I did a 7 week bicycling tour of Europe, riding 5 or 6 hours a day. Plus a couple of months training beforehand. During this trip I met up with a girl I had just started seeing in Paris. It was our first time being really intimate and I struggled to get it up. I didn’t fell any discomfort from cycling but in retrospect it was a lot of activity for a long time. It felt like that became a pattern for our relationship and that may have triggered a psychological aspect.