Cuckold? Common? Thoughts?

Does anyone else like the idea of being cuckolded? If so, is it due to erectile issues? Does it make erectile dysfunction issues worse? Really would appreciate some feedback.


Wondering the same thing. I’ve had the thought and even fantasy for a while now. But I’m thinking it’s my brain "solving " the issue. I get turned on by it but I think it’s because we’re wired to be jealous of our mates. I think it would destroy me if it ever happened in reality and I’m trying not to lean on those fantasies anymore. I feel grossed out at myself for having those thoughts afterward, even if it gets me going in the moment.

I think it will be more common as a fantasy to not be lived out than people realise. Like most people here, I think it’s definitely something that gets things going but the thought of it in reality would be tragic.

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On a psychological level I would love to know why such a potentially damaging thing such as cuckolding can be such a turn on?

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I have just finished the first exercise “inner critic” i am already struggeling with my ed since the first time I had sex (18yo) now I am 25 yo and already tried a few things to fix the problem. Taking a pill helps but it’s still hard to maintain the erection. Also tried some sex therapist talk but that was to expensive for me. So i bumped into this app and wanted to give it a shot. I just finished the inner crictic lesson and I am not sure if I did it correctly but I think the innir cirtic voice is my grandad who abused me for years when I was a child. I still see him almost everyday but apart from the polici interigations (becuase my nephew sued him) we never talked about it. Now I finished this lesson and idk but it keeps popping up in my mind I even started crying for it… I also really started feeling uncomfortable because I was thinking about it. But i’m glad i finished it and ill repeat the lesson tommorow.


Not me personally.

How so?

Believe that there are 3 aspects to this situation:
1 - You are allowing yourself to be cuckolded as it is an act that is runs parallel with feelings that manifest from erectile disfunction, such as feeling useless or less than worthy
2 - You have a genuine fondness or interest in being cuckolded for the kinky/excitement of the roleplay/situation
3 - A hybrid of both 1 and 2
If you are in boat 2 or 3, then I would think that it wouldn’t make things worse, as it is turning you on, whether you body is cooperating at the time or not. But if you are in boat 1 or 3, then you need to actively remind yourself that desire/willingness to be cockolded is NOT as a result of erectile issues. Seperate the two in mind by reminding yourself they are unrelated, and more to the point, give into the moment if you are being cockolded and enjoy it.

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I don’t like the idea, no. I don’t think there is a pattern. But if it turns you on, no problem. Even if it’s only a fantasy. You can use it in your mind as a turn on

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Me personally not a fan of watching my wife has sex with someone else

I enjoy sharing, including cuckolding. It is for multiple reasons. I believe everyone has a right to partake in the kinks they want, but at its core I feel the jealousy and anger people feel at the thought of their partner having sex with someone else is inherently a pride issue and stems from insecurities. As for why I enjoy it:

1: It is liberating to you and your partner. The trust there has to be between partners to engage in those sexual acts is immense. Communication has to be high and overall those who can succeed seem to have some of the best relationships.

2: Even with a fully lasting erection we can only provide so much as one person. Adding more people increases intensity and length of pleasure. Without getting into graphic detail, I can physically tell when my partner is more intensely aroused. There are multiple ways of doing that but adding other people always seems to increase it the most. Imagine having multiple sets of hands from people you trust rubbing all over you.

3: You get to watch your partner in a state of lust. It’s essentially like having your own pornstar. As long as she is enjoying it I enjoy it.

4: Sometimes one partner just isn’t in the mood or has a much smaller sex drive. Sex is only one part of a long term relationship and if you are compatible on all other fronts then sometimes having others to help satisfy one partners larger sex drive can be a viable solution.


I live on Seattle Washington

Not for me, I still have hands, tongue, and lips, if anything else failed, I would not see myself in such a position, and would rather not be present in my partner’s life altogether.

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Well, I would certainly not help if one has ED issues. Bit would only strengthen the conviction that there is something wrong with me. I guess for someone might be a huge turn on but not my thing.

Honestly this ‘fantasy’ doesn’t even enter my mindset. It’s repulsive and disgusting to me. Never once found it a turn on. And I have severe ed. So make of that what you will. The two are unrelated imo

I have a similar feeling, I want my partner to enjoy orgasms and the thought about someone else providing a hard cock for her to ride does relieve pressure on my side…


From my experiences and relationships within the kink and fetish communities, generalizing and trying to figure out the sources of one’s kinks are an exercise in futility at best, and can actually be harmful to oneself or others with kinks.

The two people I know into cuckolding have no ED issues whatsoever, or so they claim. But everyone is different. For YOU it may be related, or not. But if you enjoy it, enjoy it to its fullest, as long as it’s concentual. No shame, no judgment!


No second man in my fantasies.
Second woman-yes. I don’t know that I’m threatened by the thought of another man being involved. I just can’t think of any man I would want to spend naked time with. I’m

I’m glad someone mentioned this. It is my ‘go to fantasy’ to get turned on.

However, it’s not what I want and not the lifestyle I want to live.

I am so used to this fantasy, that I don’t get turned on much anymore for general vanilla sex. This affects how quick and how hard I get. This in turn stresses me out about my erections even more.

I have researched that this can be reversed, by avoiding this type of porn and masterbation for 90days, allowing a reset of your brain to go back to its primal setting.

I would love to hear if anyone has done anything to get off this fantasy and revert back to getting turned on by normal sex?