Couldn’t get hard

So I haven’t had sex before and have been seeing this girl for a while. When it came time to sex, I couldn’t get hard again. I was hard when we were kissing and other stuff but when the time came to put it, in I lost my erection. I tried thinking about stuff that turned me on and touching it to get it hard but nothing worked. I was also under the influence of alcohol so i am not sure if that was the reason or not.


Happened to me as well at the start of my relationship. First time being naked and with a naked girl. Couldn’t get it up. Later in the evening I got it up and came in a few seconds. The next day I got up no issues and lasted a few hours. It was intense. The pressure was off and she understood that I was nervous. We got married and have been together for 14 years. Recently my issues have been related to my physical health and mental health. This app has helped tremendously. Alcohol is known to negatively impact erections, especially if it was sugary or you had a bit too much. If I have a few drinks, I’m good. But anything beyond the buzz in the past I’ve noticed weak erections. A glass of red wine has a very positive effect vs hard liquor or something sugary. Keep up with your daily tasks in the app and you’ll see a big difference in a few weeks.


I found this to be pretty common. Don’t sweat it! Happened to me my first time too. I was in my twenties the first time. I knew I could get hard and not finish fast because well that’s how it was when I masturbated. Then the actual time came….and I did not. Not to toot my own horn but my partner was really attractive. Like I couldn’t believe I got a girl of that caliber lol. Then when the moment happened all of my insecurities came rushing in. I was in my twenties and had never been with anyone. (She had multiple partners before). I was worried of being judged for my performance, my physical appearance, everything. My confidence tanked and the guy below didn’t want any part of that situation. As you can imagine this only made the matters worse the next time because now my thoughts went to the train wreck that was the first attempt and the cycle continued. Currently I don’t have problems getting it up but I still struggle from that nasty inner critic coming around and sabotaging the moment. I’ll rush to finish because I fear I’ll lose it. Or the fear of judgement from her wondering or asking “why didn’t he finish”. My experiences in the bedroom are all over the place and I’m learning that a lot of it is just all in my head.


@yearning-ivory-moth what on earth did you do to last that long?? that’s a dream!!

I was a young buck back then. But we kept switching positions. It was like start/stop over and over.

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