Continuing with Mojo after completing all phases

Hello gents. I was just wondering if anybody had some ideas or advice for what to do after completing all phases.

I was seeing massive improvements during the set phases and now they have finished and there is no set structure in the same way I have been regressing a little bit.

I have been using the material in the resources tab but I’m unsure exactly what type of structure to follow.


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Yeah I’m also confused

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I believe you take the lessons and continue the daily exercises beyond this app. The goal may be to help each of us create our own mindfulness routine where we check in with our bodies daily to keep us from spectatoring.

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I definitely agree I just wanted to make sure I’m on the right track still going forward

I haven’t finished the program but I hope they leave us with an outline or a daily checklist that summarizes what we’ve done. I guess we can always go back and write them down ourselves but it would be easier for Mojo to give us a syllabus of sorts.


It doesn’t but I just made a list in my notes of all the ones I found most beneficial to me and do them daily. And just tick them off once I’ve done it :+1:


Thanks for this feedback, we’ve been working on improving this part of the app and I really can’t wait for you to see it!


I’m at this stage too
.just getting somewhere amd the guidance stops. I’ve been going nack to the main bits that resonated woth me amd I’ve found more mediation stuff on n the resources area, bit its not very well sign posted. I’ve two months left yet, but feel a bit left in the lurch.