Where’s the big finish to Phase 9?

Anyone else reached the end of Phase 9 and then…… nothing? I expected some sort of crescendo or next stage or summary at least. But it just seems to go back to 1, with all the sections saying complete.
And at the end of each phase is the ‘logging your journey’ and the stated usefulness of monitoring your progress, but there doesn’t seem to be a graph or reflection on the scoring throughout the phases.
Am I missing something?
I mean, I didn’t expect a medal but some sort of celebration and perhaps a way of picking the most useful bits to create a plan going forward would feel appropriate.
Even some new content covering the same topics with different experts.
It’s almost as if Mojo aren’t expecting anyone to reach this point…

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Haha it’s been a while since I finished and didn’t think about it, but some sort of acknowledgement that you’ve arrived at the end with tips for moving forward seems like a really good idea. I agree, it’s kind of a miss to not do something like that.


Yeah I would have to agree. It just ended… maybe it’s a withdrawal from the something to do everyday. Now we are on our own. Perhaps an analysis of my responses with a pdf to print out for a review on where I was when I started. Also perhaps a way (survey?) to highlite some of the key aspects to erection problems so that there is a bit more docus on those items for continuing those exercises.



Agreed. It starts to make me think about the value of keeping the subscription running, although I’m happy to give it a go from the start again. See if I can get fixed. :rofl:

Yep; great ideas. I keep logging on and just Seeing the ‘nothing for you today, take a day off’ message, which goes contrary to the usual nudge of ‘this works best if you do it regularly’ ethos.
A summary, a review, a future plan of action. All good ideas, thanks.
Good luck with your own journey through this.

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Hiya regular-gray-scallop,

I’m part of Mojo’s customer support team and wanted to thank you for your feedback. I am sorry that you felt the end of our program was underwhelming and I do agree that we could provide a better experience at this stage.

At the moment, most of our effort is going into how we introduce our content at the start of your journey, to help members who are struggling to get started with overcoming psychological ED. However, we are eager for the app to better support members once they have completed all the phases. We are actually putting together a partnership with the sexual wellness site OMGYes to provide some more long term content which I hope you may find helpful.

In the meantime, my best recommendation would be to head to your resources page, where all of our courses and exercises are listed, and you can revisit any you found particularly helpful or would like a refresher on. Of course if you would prefer a bit more direction from the app, you an get in touch with us at support@mojo.so or by the messenger button on your account and we can reset your progress for you.

Thank you again to you and all the other members who have shared feedback on this thread. We do love hearing from our members and will definitely be taking this on board.

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Many thanks for replying @jordan-mojo
I appreciate your comments and it’s encouraging that you are developing this section further.
Yes, I’ll ask to be reset, thank you - especially if I can receive a graph or table of my responses tracking progress from the survey at the end of each module.
Much appreciated. :+1:

No worries at all and thank you again for the feedback! I can see you’ve reached out to us at support@mojo.so so we’ll follow up with you there to help further :+1:

Very many thanks!