Completed the phases and…

I appreciate this probably isn’t the right place to post this but I’m not sure where else is. Does anyone else feel a bit abandoned after completing the phases? I signed up for three months but after doing the phases it feels like Mojo are just saying ‘do whatever exercises you feel like’ and there’s no actual guidance. If I’m wrong, please tell me where the guidance is…


Haven’t finished the phases yet but if that is the case that sucks I signed up for a year…

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It might change - Mojo does seem to have changed the exercises while I’ve been doing them. I’d say my big complaint is that Mojo feels like a work in progress rather than a finished thing, if that makes sense. Even if it stays the same you still have access to the resources and community, it would just be good if there was more guidance. For example I’ve been doing the pelvic floor stuff and I think it’s good for me but it would be better if there was more guidance on how to use pelvic floor and reverse level stuff during sex.

Hey there,

Thanks so much for this feedback, we’ve heard from a few folks about how the end of the phases can feel like a steep drop. We’re working on improving this over the next few months and I’m really excited for what’s coming up (which includes big improvements to our exercises).

In the meantime there’s a couple of ways you could approach it:

  1. Were there any exercises that you skipped over the first time around or that you struggled to do? It may be good to review those as often the things we shy away from can be the most useful to work on.
  2. Alternatively, were there any exercises that you’ve found to be very beneficial? It might be worth doubling down on those.

If neither of these are helpful, please reach out to me via the support button and I’d be happy to suggest more options!

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Thanks for getting back to me,
Yeah it definitely feels like a steep drop. I’ve continued with the pelvic floor exercises and box breathing, and I know I need to do more of the reverse kegels (although more info on how to benefit from them would be good) and the sensate focus (which I’ve found difficult, probably because circumstances mean I’m doing it alone, which is depressing). I think it would be really good if there was more structure after the main program was completed (obviously I mean a day by day follow-up program, not ‘now you need to make sure you’ve paid for another three months’ because that would put a lot of people off). And thanks for mentioning the support button, I might use it :slight_smile:


I’m finding the community comments really helpful. We’re on a journey chaps… it’s not a sprint… yep… I want to be fixed… now… but I think it’s a slower process of reprogramming.
Maybe the longer it takes, the longer it lasts… literally…
Stick together boys…

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I feel the same way about being “abandoned.” I finished awhile ago and up until now have continued the “building bedroom confidence” meditations almost daily.

Unfortunately, I am not doing much better than when I started. My head is in a better place (but some of that has to do with life style changes) and I feel I understand the situation better, but I am still not able to get an erection at the right time to have intercourse.

I start psycho-sexual therapy on Friday and am hoping that helps.

Two frustrations:

  1. when the mojo app asks me about my sexual confidence each morning, I respond with a “1” or “2” and get the same frustrating response about the ebbs and flows in confidence. One would think that after continuous low scoring responses there would be other suggestions

  2. Mojo recommends Kegel exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles do I did a vigorous regimen of these using the Dr. Kegel app. Last week during my medical review to start therapy, the doctor mentioned that too many Kegels could strengthen the pelvic floor too much and restrict blood flow.

I am taking a break form meditation and kegels until I start my therapy on Friday.

Yeah, I’m no expert re the Kegels but I totally agree re the low sexual confidence. Mojo really should be addressing this more - obviously it’s not something the app can change but they should flag it up and suggest possible interventions. There are so many reasons guys can have low sexual confidence - I’ve been reporting 1s almost all the time fwiw (not had sex since the start of the year when an attempt to improve our sex life went wrong - I’m sure other guys are reporting 1s for completely different reasons).