Change of problem

I initially subscribed because of trouble keeping it up. I was fine during foreplay but would lose my erection during sex, get into my own head.
I tried pills and mojo and had some success, but still had issues with spectating from time to time.
Recently I was cumming very quickly but have found that the kegel exercises, wax and wane, mindful masturbation and going slower have all helped me. Still not lasting long as I would like and still worry that I am not fulfilling my partners sexual needs sometimes, but itโ€™s a process.

No real question here, just a post for anyone who may be in the same position. As men, sometimes we are expected to be perfect all the time, and weโ€™re not. Iโ€™m lucky to have a very understanding partner who has helped me as much as Mojo.
Yes, sometimes I still get in my own head but I know that Iโ€™m getting to the right place.

Phase 9, sexual scripts, has given me a new hope that Iโ€™ll be back to my best sexual self soon. Lack of confidence in my job and personal life has led me to this position but Iโ€™m on my way back to where I want to be sexually. Just wanted to write this down somewhere.


I just joined mojo 3 hours ago
Thank you for your post man
It was rhe first thing I saw
It helped me to now im not alone in this
It sucks to feel like less of a man in the downstairs area
Hope we both get to our best selves soon