Stopped being consistent

I have struggled to consistently use mojo now I have finished all the phases. Is there a way to restart so it will assign me daily tasks again or do I just have to use the resources on my own accord?


You can contact mojo via the help/support chat and they can reset your course - they may have other options too.


I’m struggling with being consistent aswell as I just feel this app isn’t user friendly and easy to navigate also some exercise are so long in explanation and no videos to show how to do it. Wish I could open the app and it be a bit more straight forward. But that’s just me maybe others are having an easier time with this app.


My avoidance part also has trouble with consistency on the app. I’ve been paying for it for 3 quarters but haven’t touched it for two. I guess I just see it as a lot of work. It’s too much executive function right now.

I kind of floundered after finishing the phases too. But I went back and there is a lot of stuff that weren’t parts of the phases. I started listening the therapy sessions which I’m finding insightful. You can also go back and redo any of the phases.