Mojo now manages your progress for you 🛎️

We’ve made some changes to Mojo to help you get the most value out of it.

We’re gradually moving members over from the old version to the new one. Here’s what you need to know.

On the old version, you had to take ownership of scheduling your repeatable exercises. But in the new version, you outsource the admin to us.

Now the Mojo program is structured into chunks called “phases”, and you get a to-do list that visualizes your tasks.

This helps you pace your courses and exercises and follow expert recommendations to a tee — meaning less juggling of information and exercises, more clarity about what to do next, and better results.

What happens when I’m switched to the new version of Mojo?

  1. Your progress through the courses will stay the same. However, you’ll notice that you’re in a “phase” that corresponds with the course that you’re on.

  2. Your home screen will change and show:

    1. A suggested to-do list with the most helpful things to do next to continue working on your erections
    2. Your progress through courses in the phase
    3. Your progress with discovering new exercises in the phase
    4. Your progress in repeating exercises in the phase
  3. You’ll notice a new tab called Phases instead of the old My program tab. This tab helps you explore the phases, which is great for revisiting content and reminding yourself how far you’ve come.

How do I know which version of Mojo I’m on?

If you see a Phases tab with your progress shown as rings going from Phase 1 to Phase 9, then you’re on the new version.

I have a question or feedback. How can I share it?

For help with your account and your progress through the platform, contact support using the chat icon on the platform or by emailing

For feedback and general questions, reply to this post.

We’re committed to making this product as good as it can be for you all, so let us know what you wish for, wonder about, or want to us improve.


When can I expect to see this? It is now 15 days since it was announced

This is being rolled out gradually and will take a bit more time to hit 100% of accounts. If you’re interested in seeing it sooner rather than later, drop me a DM with your account email address and I can enable it for you manually.