Condoms & erectile dysfunction (CAEP & CCS)

Do you struggle with condom associated erection problems (CAEP) or condom collapse syndrome (CCS)?

Why do you think condoms cause issues for you?

What has helped you get and stay hard when using condoms?

I’ve been in situations where when I’m in the process of putting on a condom, I’ll start to get soft and shove a half-hard penis into a condom and that never works out. One thing that’s helped me with this is putting on the condom quicker and while im making out with whoever it is I’m about to have sex with. The first few minutes of my erection during foreplay are the hardest, so putting it on when I’m the most turned on helps me alot and gets the job done. Also, whenever I use condoms I feel less sensation and that usually assures me that I won’t ejaculate quickly or perform badly, so it usually isn’t a problem staying hard with the condom.

I have similar issue. Sometimes when I try to put on a condom and ready for penetration, I go soft and it becomes difficult to get hard again with condom on me. I have to remove the condom and get involved in the foreplay again and put it back on

Condoms don’t necessarily cause me to go soft, but when I put it on, it’s the “moment of Truth” for all my erections worries and sexual insecurities. That’s the point where I am so in my head that my body just shut downs arousal because it’s so confused. Next time I am in the situation, I think that communicating, going slow, and having my partner give my penis a little attention before penetrative sex (stroking, oral) will help immensely.

I found it helpful to use larger condoms (“king size”!) because I could put them on easily and quickly, almost in a single motion, so there was no downward pressure that had tended to “deflate” things and I didn’t have to think too much about it.

Definitely. The process taking my mind away from sex and trying to open it up and put it on just makes it go soft.

I think it’s often the pause in between foreplay and the act. We have to fumble about and look for one, then put it on. While, usually, things were hot and heavy before, taking this break increases the pressure and allows time for your mind to wander and start firing up the anxiety…

Condoms have been a huge issue for me, I feel I already have reduced sensation from excessive amounts of self indulgence with masterbation that when I use a condom I might as well be having sex through a blanket. I stuggle to find a solution to staying hard while using a condom , I do want to find thinnest condoms I can track down to see if there is a happy medium.