Cheating in relationship

My boyfriend can’t get it up. Does this mean he’s cheating on me?

Oh no! As far as i experienced my own sexuality EDs are far more complex than just “oh I might not be attractive enough” or “he got somebody else”.

I guess he is just not comfortable? Does he have a stressful life? Is your relationship ok? Is something else pressuring him? Does he have a lack of sexual experience (I did)?

Let me tell you that I find my girlfriend unbelievable attractive and this is literally cursing me because I get the feeling of being less worth or Not enough for her.

I suggest you to simply talk to him about that. However be careful and don’t expect a complete answer right away. I can tell you that it can be very difficult to discover what really is blocking you.

And if your are worried about your relationship, just take a moment and reevaluate it for you. Are you happy? Are your worried? Are jealous or do you miss something. And then talk with him about that! But these topic should be splitted at first. Otherwise one could get the feeling you want to judge him or something like that.

I am sure you’ll both figure it out. I wish you all the best :slight_smile: