Changing the narrative

New here, recently went through an upsetting break up and although I’m not 100% sure I think the intimacy issues may have contributed. Not every time we had sex was bad. Actually, we had many moments together where we were both satisfied and in a very good place together. The last couple of times I felt like I fumbled a bit. Maybe had too much on my mind and feeling the
pressure of trying to be a good lover. Our culture places so much stigma on these kinds of things especially at my age of someone in their early 30s.


I’m sorry about your break up. I feel like society definitely puts a lot of pressure to perform on us

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Yep… I feel a lot of pressure to be 100% perfect… which was ok, but my new girl seems to have a much higher sex drive than my old girlfriend… and I feel im failing… it was in the old relationship for many years… thus new relationship is incredible… so I don’t want to mess it up… but it adds pressure…


Been there before. This recent girl was a year and the one before was 7 years. So I know I’m capable of doing something right. A lot of it truly is mental.

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