Cfnm Clothed Female Naked Male

For some weird reason I’m into CFNM. Anybody else?


Not sure what you mean, mate. She’s still got her clothes on, yes?

I don’t think there’s anything weird about that

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Me neither, mate. It’s my preference. More layers to explore, more secrets to reveal. Would be great to hear if more people think this.
Also maybe it taps into the fuelled up, teenage fumblings and adolescent longings that can still feel like they’ve got some potency.

I think it’s lovely you’ve identified something so specific that gets you going. To me it shows you’re cultivating your personal sexuality. For a long time I lived in a sexually (and other ways) restrictive culture that discouraged such exploration and nurturing, so bravo to you, mate.

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@noisy-white-lizard Cheers. :+1: And it sounds like you are also coming out into the light after a long time. It’s got to be a positive thing, and the older I get the more I’m surprised at what potential partners like or are happy to explore. There’s such a rich sensual and sexual world out there with so many different colours of ‘normal’ and we just don’t know that, growing up, perhaps.
It’s fantastic that you are also taking this approach in other parts of your life, too. Congratulations. That sounds really healthy.

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I just discovered CFNM and kind of like it too. I have a fantasy in which I’m the test subject at a lab where women in lab coats are studying sexual responses in men. I’m naked and they’ve got me up on a platform where robotic dildos plow my ass and mouth, while another robot with a silicone sleeve jacks me off. The women also take video of me the entire time, capturing every facial reaction, moan, and close-up of the dildos going into me.

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Yes I like that too