Can’t cum with someone I really like

I recently met a guy I Iike a lot and we connected so well. It’s the first time in years since I liked someone so much. But I can’t cum with him. The foreplays are great, b&r jobs etc… but when he wanted me to cum with him I just couldn’t. He seemed a bit frustrated bc it’s important to him for me to cum. I’m okay with myself with porn or other guys I don’t necessarily attracted to… we just started seeing each other I really hope this doesn’t end things…

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I have been that frustrated guy who wants his partner to come. I have learned that putting that pressure on a partner isn’t helpful plus Mojo’s coursework has taught me to be more present to enjoy my own pleasure more. It feels like a win-win. I am less concerned with my partners orgasm and more into the moment.

I bet if you were more present in the moment it could help. Plus talking with your partner outside of the sexual situation may help to deepen your relationship.

Good luck!


I guess being open is the best thing. He probably wants you to cum for reassurance he’s making you happy.

If you manage to have an open discussion saying you don’t need to cum, and the pressure won’t help, but you like him … It can’t do any harm.


Thanks. I did eventually after he gave up pressuring me, and when I was more relaxed with him. I just needed sometime to reset I guess… it was pretty great