Breathing and Kegels

I feel like I hold my breath when doing a regular kegel. I can find the sensation and can see visible movement in my penis so I know I’m doing it correctly, but doing it while breathing normally confuses me a bit. Any tips or cues to help with this?

Also…is a reverse kegel the same thing as just doing a diaphragmatic breath? I think I’m doing it right but not quite sure tbh.


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I was thinking the same thing. I’m feeling the sensation, but find it almost impossible to breath normally while doing the exercise

I also had trouble breathing normally while performing the kegels in the beginning but with practice I have overcome it. Now I can do kegels while I drive, walk, or while sitting with others and they have no clue. The reverse kegels are more difficult for sure. I find it to be more like a feeling of trying to pee harder or with more pressure. I also find it easier if I combine it with regular kegels. ie. Kegel flex, then reverse kegel, kegel flex, then reverse kegel… Keep practicing, every little technique will help.

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Hi - is the idea to clench and visibly lift your scrotum? Someone described trying to alternate between “puckering” the anus and then clenching to lift the scrotum?

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Yes, that is the feeling I get and my understanding as well. I believe the reverse is the opposite of that. You’re almost pushing like trying to force extra pee out of your penis or pee harder. That one for me is much more subtle but I feel it more and more every time I try it.