Body confidence

Does anyone struggle with body image and it affecting their erection? I’m fine (mostly) if we’re dressed but the moment we get naked I lose it completely, because I’m so uncomfortable being naked in front of my partner. I’m average build, size 32 waist, and objectively know that I’m not fat BUT my stomach isn’t toned like it was and there’s a bit of chub. I don’t think my partner cares at all but I do. And it’s a new relationship so now it’s become this big thing in my head that I won’t get hard. Even two blue tablets don’t work once the clothes are off.

Anyone else experienced body image related ED? If so, any tips on how I can try and stop it happening (aside from going to the gym even more and not eating)? Thanks.

Honestly, i’m the same. I’m not fat but i used to have a chiseled six pack and now i got a little gut. I’m kinda skinny (5”9, 140) so i do feel self conscious about my body. Especially when you compare yourself to most fit guys and pornstars that have A1 bodies. I think that at the end of the day the right person won’t care what you’re body looks like and we have to accept the fact that even if we aren’t extremely fit most girls don’t care. It takes time and most likely a bit of praising but as long as we can convince ourselves that what matters is our personality that counts and not the body we should be fine!