Best Time For Meditations

Can anyone help me on when the best time for meditations are in relation to sex? I try to do one of the meditations daily, but something like box breathing isn’t always possible to do right before sex (i.e. I can’t run to a different room for 5 minutes with a one night stand). I guess I’m kind of asking how long a meditation works for? For example, does doing the meditation before I go out, and then having sex 5/6 hours later, still work?

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I suggest getting in a daily habit of meditation around the same time everyday, maybe half hour before you go to work or something. That will definitely help overall. There’s also nothing that says it has to be 5 minutes, you could say excuse me while you go to the restroom and just sit in there for 3 or 4 minutes and do some box breathing. Additionally, while you’re in the act, you can do 4-second inhales and slow 8-second exhales just to keep you present and that’s likely not even noticeable to your partner.

I think meditation is best seen as a skill - to help regain focus amidst distraction and awareness of self - to that extent it is something that is applied as needed (which takes practice) rather than a “fix” that runs out after a time. But it takes time and practice to get there.

Practicing breathing sounds crazy as we all do it all the time. However just as in Yoga, it is good to have a “Breath Practice’ - Belly breathing, or just sitting breathing deeply in through the nose and out through the nose (in for 7 out for 11 a great combination) - puts you into the parasympathetic and out of fight & flight. If you can do this everyday for a few minutes, it wont take much for you to ‘relax’ as you 'think about getting into bed’ with someone - just deepen your breath (your body will remember) and try not to rush.

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