Recommended Order of Meditations in the Explore Section

I’ve finished the meditations that are part of the normal course progression, but I’d like to continue doing them.

I know they can be found under the “explore” section, but is there a recommended order of the different categories? (“get better erections”, “overcoming pre-sex nerves” etc)

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Hey @beneficial-amethyst-bass ,

That’s a great question. I can see how that isn’t clear.

You don’t have to do the meditations in any particular order. The best order is to follow your curiosity :smiling_face:

The only things I’d say are:

  • Get better erections is perfect for users who have just started meditation because it introduces the different skills you use to meditate slowly. It sounds like you’ve already gone through these ones. Great work on that.

  • Mike Richards (the meditation coach) designed the Couples meditations series for people who are comfortable meditating with a sexual partner. You don’t have to do this series if you don’t have a partner or if it isn’t the right time to involve a partner.

I’m so glad that you can see the benefits of Mojo meditations and want to continue doing them!

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Grace from Mojo :woman_technologist:

Thank you. :slight_smile: