I don’t know how this is supposed to help

If you’re worrying about not getting it up just before sex or when getting intimate, then I don’t know how the breathing exercises will help because you are still thinking about the problem just indirectly, and it’s also not sexy, it would kill the mood if you done breathing exercises infront of her and it’s hard to do the exercises during sex, can anyone help me because my motivation to do this has really gone down because I just don’t see how it’s going to work and it’s having a really big impact on my mental health

Hey, thanks very much for your post. I’m happy to jump in on this one and talk from personal experience. I have used box breath in the moment during foreplay to calm myself down and it has worked. The girl I was with didn’t have to get involved with the exercise or even know I was doing it.

Box breath needs you to use your diaphragm through breathing with your stomach - this is important because it tricks the body out of your anxious fight or flight state. It’s a simple biology hack - relaxed stomach breathing makes the whole body relax.

A lot of the time when you are dealing with psychological erection issues your mind is not present. It is not in the sexy moment - it’s elsewhere worrying about what might happen if this goes wrong etc. So box breath also forces you to be in the moment and focus on your body - where your attention should be. Don’t worry if your whole attention isn’t on your penis. Sex is a full body experience - focusing on your breath will help you notice in the moment sensations.

And listen, not all the exercises are for everyone and that is ok. Some times things work for some people and not others. In this instance it really worked for me. If this doesn’t work for you don’t feel bad or lose faith in the process or your ability to have great erections and great sex. It will happen and everyone at Mojo is here to help you however we can.


Great thank you for reassurance it’s really helping me right now to get back into it

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For real man, don’t give up. Whether it seems like it or not, you’re not alone and we’re all in this mental battle together.

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