Been married for 7 months and have not cum at least once

My wife and I got married 7 months ago and we have had terrible luck.

She was very tight and couldn’t penetrate her (now that I think about it, might be a bit due to not being full hard) but then she got herpes, and then after few weeks we tried again but we were scare and she wants to go straight into doing intercourse without much foreplay.

She was in pain every time we tried and then it would turn me off. After 3 months or so we finally got it in for a little bit before I got into my head and lost it.

Ever since then we have had moments here and there but everytime end up in losing erection before ejaculation and is affecting both of us.

She has not orgasm either, and does not get into fingering or licking nor does she like to suck on my penis either

Anyone experiencing something similar?

I didn’t have sex until I got married and I’m assuming that is maybe the case for you and/or your wife? On our wedding night I got hard but lost it when I tried to penetrate. It was awkward and took us several tries/days/weeks to make it work. Can be very frustrating and scary for both people. I honestly don’t even remember how we went about “making it work” as we’ve been married for almost 20 years now, but thinking back I attribute the “solution” to growing more comfortable with the idea of sex generally and my partner specifically. Because of the various challenges you’re experiencing (pain, hesitancy of your wife to do certain sex acts, ED), it sounds like you could really benefit from talking to a sex therapist. Trying on your own over and over without success may be reinforcing the negative experience and a therapist could help you work your way out of it. Having sexual problems can actually be a great opportunity for both partners to get better informed and conversant about their sexuality.

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I can relate as I’ve been married 15 years and have had moments here and there. Trying to make it more consistent. I’ve tried cialis and works off and on. With business of life, it’s hard to make time as she works 12 hour shifts and I work 5 days/week. Definitely can be frustrating. I sometimes initiate and she rarely does so I guess it’s on me to initiate or it won’t happen. Guess that’s just life but counseling has been helpful for me and I may see a sex therapist.