Just sharing my story

I just joined today. I’ve been having issues for years. I was married for 17 years; happy for 9. I had a vasectomy several years ago, and that was the beginning of my wife rejecting me for sex (we discussed the vasectomy so it wasn’t because I couldn’t get her pregnant again). I went 8 years without sex and it seriously messed with my head. I’m also diabetic and know some of my medications can contribute to my issue.
I met a wonderful woman a year ago. We’ve tried to have sex several times, but I can’t get hard enough to perform. She says it’s not a dealbreaker, but I know she’s as disappointed as I am. I know I need to get out of my head, but 8 years of rejection from your spouse does something to you. I’m trying everything right now (pills, hypnosis, exercises, etc) and am hoping this can help me, too.
Thanks for reading my novel. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for sharing @beautiful-tan-rook !