Back to square one 🤦🏻‍♂️

I’m recently divorced after 13 years of marriage and two beautiful girls. Previous to my marriage, I had the occasional ED issues and needed to be blind drunk in order to have successful sex.

As I am now dating again and seeing a couple of lovely girls, but it feels like I’m back to square one. I had sex with one girl after drinking heavily all night and it was amazing! Really took my time, understood her needs and we both had the best sex ever.

The following morning I got anxious and nervous and failed to get an erection. Since then this has been on my mind constantly and I mean constantly. when I’m walking around the shops with my girls, watching TV or whatever, my head is in my groin and I feel so low and down at the moment.

I work out every day, run and am physically incredibly fit for my age. Kind, funny and polite and attentive with women, who seem to want me. However, I am my head constantly now and I’m feeling so low. Does anyone else feel the same and have any thoughts? Cheers guys.


I definitely know this. The last year before starting Mojo my ED got worse. Since then thinking about sex and my ED is a daily think. First it was almost all negative. With what I learned here I at least am able to acknowledge my inner critic and try to think positive about it like „I will get this fixed someday“ and „I know I do my best“.

And thats my advice I guess… try to stay positive and keep up working on yourself!


That’s great, thank you and good advice. Acknowledge it for what it is: your self critic talking b0ll0cks! Then reframe it immediately with positive affirmations. :+1:t3:

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I agree with the previous answer… once it happens… it’s on your mind ALL the ******* time. Which doesn’t help. All I can say is trust the program… this has worked for me… ok not 100% yet… but massive improvement… have faith in yourself and the program… honestly…