Any DE success stories?

As per title

I haven’t fully “cured” it, but what helped was a few things:

  • having an FB who you don’t care that much about pleasing; not saying you shouldn’t care about her pleasure, but just that you don’t care AS MUCH. Also if she judges you and makes you feel like garbage, she can be replaced.

  • try masturbating in her presence. Once you can cum in her presence, it will become easier to cum with every successive session

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Also want to add that having a dry spell for 2 years contributed to my DE. When I was regularly having sex, DE was rarely an issue and I could cum with a condom on. Having sex with different women also helped

Thanks for sharing your experiences. She’s given me a dry handjob which was ok but I might try to have her do it again but with some coconut oil. That should be more pleasurable. She’s gonna be away for 5 days so maybe it’ll build so extra anticipation, here’s hoping anyway!