Advice on kegels/ reverse kegels?

Has anyone got any advice on how to know if kegels will help or hinder? I am concerned about being “too tight” and kegels only worsening the problem. I have anterior pelvic tilt from a lot of desk work so I assume I have a tight pelvic floor but I’m just not sure. Any input is appreciated as I try to work out the best way to proceed!

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What is Kegels?

Find a pelvic floor specialist! I am very active (grappling / mma / weightlifting almost 4 days a week) and I have the too tight pelvic floor problem. I thought I was loose, and if I didn’t go to see this specialist, I would have made it worse!

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Appreciate your input dude! If you don’t mind me asking, were reverse kegels the answer to your tightness? Will probably look into this myself

Never tried them!