20 year old, struggle with performance anxiety & high stress

My most recent sexual experience was w a girl I was really into, it built up so much in my head prior to us doing things. When it actually happened I wasn’t able to get a proper erection & then busted really quick when I did. This added fuel to my already high daily stress & anxiety, I shy away from sexual opportunities as I feel I won’t be able to perform now

I’m in the same boat, but my last experience I had a good erection but as soon as I new things were gonna happen I froze and panicked and went soft, completely shut down and made my gf feel like shit because she thought something was wrong with her it’s tough

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Don’t shy away from it. I’ve learned that the best thing you can do is to simply communicate with your partner. I shied away from it for years (having problems since day one) and that only caused the problem to get worse! I’m now almost 30 and starting to have some great sex because everyone I’m with I tell them about the “issues” beforehand. It lowers expectations from them and enables both of you to just enjoy the moment whether you get hard or not.