Wife threatening to leave me

Hi all, I have had ED for over ten years but have managed to have sex sporadically, sometimes using pills. My wife is threatening divorce unless we start having more regular sex. This has made me feel depressed, more tense and more pressured and it’s made it difficult for me to get hard. Is anyone else in a similar situation? Thanks!

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Yes mate, I’m in a similar situation. Box breathing, cholesterol checks, weight checks, regular exercise and monitoring stress levels are all helping me. I went to see a therapist who suggested that 5mg of tadalafil will be enough to stay in your blood stream for 24 hours and you can take this to make your sessions more natural and sporadic so it doesn’t seem pressurised but gives you a little hand. Step by step we are getting there. Let her know you care and also want to repair the problem.

Thanks mate. All the best with your situation. I guess the key is communication and trying to keep sane. It’s very difficult (hard!) to think of anything else. You’ve got to laugh or you’d cry!