25 year marriage ended, do i now have ED?

Hello all. I am 48, recently divorced after close to 25 years. I am trying to move on with my life. I have met a few girls, all of whom i was EXTREMELY attracted to. I had never had an issue with erections before my marriage ended. Now its like my mind is a mouse nibbling on cheese during sex,constantly in my head and it causes me to not have erections during sex. The divorce was not my idea and i admit i am reluctantly having to move on, its over and i have to accept that but I just wonder is this all in my head or do i have a medical issue?

Hey there, if you’re experiencing issues with your erections suddenly but there haven’t been any major lifestyle changes, I would suspect most of this to be psychological. I can attest to how much performance anxiety I personally experienced after my divorce. I was otherwise fit, active, and in good health. That said, the divorce took a big toll on me emotionally, and I struggled with waves of depression afterwards for quite some time. I found tadalafil to help significantly for a while, but eventually moved over to peptides (PT-141), and now I’ve supplemented this with meditation, healthy diet, exercise, and therapy. Hope that helps!

Agreed with @shocked-lavender-kingfisher, after my divorce I had a couple experiences with ED related to performance anxiety. All it took was two experiences and I got deeply anxious and critical when it came to intimacy with woman. That is actually how I found MOJO. I can say that I have been on a trip to understand ED better. I would say that self-care, giving myself a lot of grace, meditation, good partner communication, and some talk therapy has helped tremendously. I also found working with a physical therapist around pelvic floor strengthening, specifically with muslce that help maintain erections helped with my confidence as well.

It definitely can improve my friend. I would say I am mostly past my ED experience so I am rooting for you all to have the same experience too!