ED + Divorce - No Sexual Desire For Months

I’ve been going through an extremely bitter and acrimonious separation / divorce since April last year. During the marriage I didn’t suffer at all from ED (other than maybe getting too aroused and cumming too quickly) and would frequently also masturbate at least once a day. Since the seperation I have had hardly any sexual desire whatsoever and hardly any erections. I have tried to date (with really hot women) and nothing happens and I just can’t get aroused or a hard on. I’ve barely woken up with morning wood at all since this has been going on. I’ve had all the medical tests and my testosterone levels are very healthy so it’s nothing physical. Has anybody else experienced this? Will this pass as it’s now massively adding to my depression and anxiety

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i have unfortunately experienced the same resolve from my urologist concerning my testosterone being quite high & that my prostate isn’t a factor. i an afraid of the probability of a divorce, for having instances of a limp D, yet I CAN get an erection. its psychology obviously for me, yet how can i maintain it through out the process of entering — of which i begin having convulsions within my heart, as if i’m 'bout to have a panic attack

It’s a trauma you experienced, so you might consider working with a trauma processing therapist or sex therapist who knows about sexual trauma. Feeling relaxed and safe is a large part of the earlier modules on Mojo (I’m about halfway thru the program myself), and if you can’t relax and play during sex, you won’t feel aroused. Instead, you have your guard up. And you should because you were hurt on a core level from a relationship you were vulnerable in, which is a good thing for connecting with people in general, but you won’t let yourself do that now. You might try various experiences (e.g. casual encounter, a massage where sexual pressure is off the table) where you don’t have to be vulnerable to regain confidence in the physical aspects and physically relax while processing the ability to be open again in the future. You may need to journal and have talk therapy.