Wife on a new birth control that makes it take longer for her to climax

My wife recently started taking a new birth control that makes it take more than twice as long to climax than it used to. On other birth controls or without birth control, I could make her finish usually 2-3 times a night. Now, I’m lasting sometimes as long as 15-20 minutes and she still can’t finish. She’s incredibly frustrated and that’s going straight to my head. The more frustrated she gets, the more inadequate I feel. It feels like the only solution is to figure out a way to last even longer. She can’t switch birth control again due to some ovarian issues, so we’re stuck on this one.

Are you open to using hands/mouth/toys to help her finish - may be more fun than struggling to last yourself (i assume stay hard)

I am, but she isn’t. She gets significantly more enjoyment out of climaxing with just regular sex. She says that there’s nothing better and nothing relieves her frustration more than me penetrating with no other stimulation. This kind of puts me in a box, but I guess neither of us can help what turns her off or on. We tried a CBD intimacy oil and got as close as we had since she got on this birth control, but I ejaculated just before she climaxed.

Ok. I am no expert but some guys in these forms mention desensitizing creams or using condoms to reduce the sensations a little. The right toy with you in the right place may be able to simulate your normal sex together a bit … just some ideas.