Wife wants shorter sex

Lately, getting the erection isn’t the issue. But once we’ve been at it for about half an hour, I can tell my wife is done and just wants me to cum. It’s at this point I start to lose the erection and it all falls apart.

I told my wife to try and stay enthusiastic for longer but she sees it as impractical to keep trying and wants to be done and try again later. But that feeds back into my anxiety not being able to perform.

Any advice?


Is your wife satisfied with the sex you’ve been having up to this point? Are you trying to make it last a long time? Do you need some more or different stimulus to finish?

I was worried early on in my marriage that our sexual sessions were too short, probably because of a false idea of what sex was from porn, and that my wife was disappointed when we didn’t have hour long love making sessions. When I brought it up to her I was pleasantly told that she’s completely satisfied with our sex life and that I take care of her every time. That helped me to stop worrying about trying to make things last longer cause if she’s satisfied then I can finish whenever I need to and know we both had a good time.

So I guess what I’m saying is if your wife is satisfied at whatever point in your session why are you not working on being satisfied right after that? If it’s thoughts like mine a conversation with your wife might help. If it’s something physical you need talk with your wife about that and see if you can incorporate into your sessions.

I hope you figure it out.


Could it be that sex is more routine or “rinse and repeat”? Perhaps mix things up a bit

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Half an hour is too long for most women. Try taking a break, then jerking off a bit or before you have sex to warm up and you can come faster. She will appreciate it not being as long, it starts to be s chore, and you can come in her. Win win.