The bigger issue

I can last long enough to satisfy my wife but only if she’s on top. If I’m in a dominant position I can sometimes last long enough for us to cum together but I’d really like to be able to push through that and give her more orgasms and allow mine to build more as I’m usually unsatisfied. I hope this program will deal with that.

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It has for me. My wife takes a very long time to cum and it’s been challenging to last 30+ minutes or to give oral for 15+ minutes. But with the app I’ve been able to last much longer and get her to climax. Especially with learning how to be more mindful and have a body and mind connection while having sex. It’s helped to allow her to reach climax more quickly as we are more connected during sex.


My partner and I went ENM about a year ago. It’s been a roller coaster but totally challenged my mojo. First encounters often ended with soft cock. I’m only 4 days in here and I reckon I’m gonna do better. I’ve been using blue pills out of fear. I’m having sex tonight, no pills, and I am confident and horny as hell, ready for an epic session!


@yearning-ivory-moth was the body & mind connection the only thing you worked on? if you can expand then that would be extremely helpful. hoping to get to your position!


I’m in a similar boat, but only 3 months into the ENM world.

With my wife, I have no issues. All she needs to do is look at me and I get as hard as anything and have no issues with losing an erection. We’ve been together for 20 years and it’s always been like that with her. We have great sex too. This is a good thing.

Now, with a new sexual partner I find attractive, I’m struggling (hence why I’m here). We’ve tried twice and the first time I was way too deep in my head and the second time I felt much more comfortable and yet, the same thing happened: as soon as the condom went on I instantly lost my erection. The second time was particularly disappointing for me because I felt confident, horny and I had practiced a bit with condoms myself by that point. I did find them hard to put on though and so I measured myself and found a size that should fit better. Yet to try them though.

This is uncharted territory for me, I don’t want to get into a spiral of self doubt so I’m hoping this tool can help me relax a little bit and have more confidence in myself when it comes to sex. I feel like I just gotta detach a bit more and tap into the sensations better.

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